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A Sermon for the Occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th, 2001

[I preached this sermon at Brooklyn Baptist Church in Kinston, Alabama. It was certainly an adventure getting to the church (leaving at 4:45) and the delivery was equally adventurous. I hope you receive it as my honest reflection on the life and teachings of Jesus and their relevance for the modern era, even in situations as baffling and devastating as 9/11/01.] Continue reading


Muslims and Mosques and Imams, Oh My!

Islam has come under fire from seemingly every front recently. Proposed mosques in New York and Tennessee are being heavily protested. Muslim parents are being accused of coming to the US only to have what some Republican senators are calling “terror babies,” children who will grow up indoctrinated in the Islamist tradition and eventually turn on America. Roughly one-third of Americans still believe Barack Obama is Muslim, even though he isn’t (For those of you who doubt me, read this). Lt. Governor of Tennessee Ron Ramsey recently insinuated that Islam is not a religion protected by the 1st Amendment, but is instead “a nationality, way of life, cult…” A church in Gainesville, Florida is planning a Qur’an burning on September 11 of this year. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man who hopes to build the New York mosque, has come under fire as a divisive extremist when all he’s  trying to do is forge a new, moderate way forward for his faith. Continue reading

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