Opinion Articles

*Important!* The Samford Crimson has recently updated its webpage, and the digital archives are all gone. Therefore, these links (with the exception of the most recent, Samford Doomed to Repeat History) are all broken. I still have the original drafts on my hard drive, and will be working to post those here, but it’s going to take a while, so please bear with me. Thank You.

Some of you may know that I write opinion articles for the Samford Crimson, and have been doing so for almost two years now. Some of my articles are theological, some are political, and some are about life at Samford. Because they don’t directly relate to my work here at CotM, I don’t post them in the regular material on this blog. But, since I do enjoy writing them, and feel that I have valid and useful opinions, I decided I wanted to give people a chance to find them. I’ll be starting my archive here, and hopefully remembering to update it for new articles. Enjoy!

Towards a consistent ethic
Samford Sunday School
Time to free Willy
Social Justice is not a dirty word
Give Holy Friday its due
Who are the Sons of Light?
How safe are we really?
I promise I’m not a jerk
Muslims, mosques, and imams, oh my!
When blood is thicker than grape juice
Kingdom or Republic
I apologize
Justice for just warriors?
There is no room in our inns
Becket’s Folly
Safety Zone
In defense of heretics
London Lessons
Samford doomed to repeat history 

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