About Malcontents

Be a malcontent. That means a lot of things, but primarily it means not being complacent. It means not accepting blindly the stupid things our churches sometimes do in the name of tradition or orthodoxy (and also recognizing when those are legitimate claims to be made). Being malcontent also means challenging the status quo when the status quo is in need of challenging (i.e. right now, in many churches across America). But it also means challenging your own status quo. It means being more like Christ, no matter the cost. It means learning more and more about the faith you practice. Being malcontent is a challenge. It is a challenge to ourselves, to not be content with the the status quo in our own lives, to shun cheap grace and to embrace the depth of riches found in Christ. It is a challenge for the church, a call to reform, a call to re-birth. If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with yourself or with the church, I sincerely hope this blog can be a tool, a catalyst for transformation, both public and private. So come on; join me. Let’s be malcontent.

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