About the Author

I’ll start with the boring stuff. My name is Aaron Carr, and I am currently working through an undergraduate degree in religion at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. It took me forever to decide if I should write the “About the Author” bit in the first or third person. Obviously, I made a choice, but that should tell you a bit about me. I worry about silly things like that. I like coffee and good discussion, especially when it meanders into the realm of theology. I’ll admit (and do, frequently) that I don’t know enough yet, but I consider myself a “theologian-in-training” and will happily discuss the subject with you (as evidenced by the existence of this blog). I also enjoy good movies (and the occasional bad one) along with the great books those movies are sometimes based on. My favorite authors include Milton, Steinbeck and Sts. Benedict and Aquinas and I am learning to love Dostoevsky. My favorite theologians include William Willimon and Paul Fiddes. Though I used to consider myself a Thomist, I am slowly being converted to Existentialism by the like of Kierkegaard and Sarte. I occasionally long to be a monk, and I fantasize about being the first Protestant Pope. Also, when I get going on these “About me” things, I tend to ramble. Therefore, I am going to exercise self-control by informing you that you have now learned enough about me. Happy reading!

  1. Aaron,

    Please don’t stop now! I am teaching a Wednesday evening class on the atonement – we discussed Ransom last week and are looking at Satisfaction and Penal Substitution tonight.

    Your blogs are wonderful – the information is so accessible to lay persons.

    Hope that parts 3 and 4 and more are on the way!


    PS: Are you going to cover more modern work being done, such as Girardian mimetic/anthropological atonement?

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