1. My last post (Give me Twenty Four People) was post #50, and a major milestone for me and for the blog, so be excited! Celebrate! I just felt that putting that on the post itself would lessen the seriousness of the topic being discussed. But now we can have a little fun! Crack open the bubbly (I will, anyway, if no one else does).
  2. Major face-lift coming soon! I’ve been meaning to do it for a long time now, and yesterday, as I was re-reading my latest post, I realized how difficult it is to read. I’m still working out the details, but in the next week or so, Church of the Malcontent will get a major visual re-design.
  3. I need more people for my blog roll! I realized the other day that my blog roll is very white and very male and fairly liberal, and I’m looking to diversify (and just expand in general). So if you read this and you’ve got a blog, leave a comment with the address. If it looks good, I’ll add it. And then maybe you could add me, and we could all benefit from some increased traffic (and who doesn’t love getting more people involved in the conversation?)
  4. I only really had two things to mention originally (but the list kept growing, and I kept this here because I’m in a strangely frivolous mood), and it seemed silly to have a list with only two items on it. Now I’m not sure if having a 3(5)-item list with a fake #3(4) is sillier.
  5. Oh, just thought of one more: Comment! Give me your thoughts, opinions, and feedback of all varieties. I can’t promise I’ll always listen, but I value the art of discourse and want to work to promote it. So if you have something to say, say it.That is all. Thank you.
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