Today we Feel…

There are so many thoughts fumbling through my head right now. Every minute of reflection brings new thoughts, new ideas, new words. I want to do what I feel called to do: I want to write and think and talk and lead. I want to help the Church through this time. I want to feel God move. I want to feeling healing. I want to be rational.

But today I learned that we cannot be rational. Not today. There are too many emotions rolled up into this day, too many opinions, too many hot heads (mine included). There are those grieving for loved ones lost, and there are those grieving for the national attitude. There are those who celebrate the end of something, while others anticipate only a new beginning. There is pain on every side, deep pain that I cannot erase with my pen or with my voice.

So today, the only thing I can tell you to do is feel. Grieve. Be furious. Feel vindictive. Maybe even hate. I don’t believe it’s that easy, but it seems like all many of us can do. And if you feel conflicted, maybe you’re in the best place you can be. If you don’t know or don’t understand, maybe you’ve got it right.

Today we feel. Today we think with our guts and with our hearts. Today we are visceral. Today we are raw with spent emotion and shed tears. Today we are a nation of emotions, a people of feelings. We cry out our pain, trumpet our supposed victory, ask our questions, let lose our rage.

Today, we feel. But tomorrow, we have to talk.

Americans, I will only ask that you think about the way that your expressed feelings impact your brothers and sisters all over the world.

To the world, I would ask patience and understanding. This is a big moment, however you look at it, and we need time.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless the world, and comfort those who are feeling every emotion.

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