Happy New Year! (via Theophilusian Fragments)

Wes has written an excellent piece on the Christian New Year (churches that celebrate liturgically changed from year C to year A on Sunday) and puts a unique spin on the concept at the end. Let’s all participate in a little Christian insurrection this Christmastide.

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! That probably seems strange to you, does it not?  It is still 2010; I will grant you that, but it is, nevertheless, a new year.  This Sunday, today, marked the shift from the season after Pentecost (Ordinary Time) to the season of Advent on the Church Calendar.  Advent is when we shift cycles in the Lectionary (this time from Year C to Year A), marking a new cycle in the Church year.  So … happy new year! I could just end there, b … Read More

via Theophilusian Fragments

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