Regularity, or, Why I blog with the consistency of a middle-aged Wisconsin Cheese Farmer

You may have noticed (whoever it is that you are) that I haven’t been blogging for rather a substantial amount of time. You observe correctly. Now, I’m not going to pull the amateur blogger move and apologize for not posting and promise that I’ll get in a more regular posting schedule, as if there’s some kind of blogging fiber I can take. I am unabashedly proud (or at least stubborn) about the fact that I don’t blog regularly. The real world spends a lot of time making demands on me, and cyberspace is often a luxury I cannot always afford (or, and this happens much more often, cyberspace is an escape from the real world (thank you, Lost) and blogging causes far too much re-engagement with whatever it is that we call this “real world.”) No, I’m not going to apologize, but I will at least explain the three key things that are keeping me from this blog (it’ll make sense why at the end).

  1. My Room. Currently, my room is a rather disorganized mess that resembles the wreckage of a college dorm (which is not far from the truth). I’ve spent at least an hour a day since I’ve been home from Samford going through things in an effort to a). find things to sell on ebay (shameless plug) and b). straight up organize my space. I don’t like living in the aftermath of a tornado, figuratively or otherwise. By the by, one of the cool things that came of this was that I discovered old high school notebooks filled with my old songs (terrible), poetry (passable), and fiction (full of ideas, but not well thought out or researched). That was a joy. Look for some (heavily) revised material to maybe show up here in the near future.
  2. Lost. Technically, this ties in to number three, but I’ll treat it as its own entity for now. Recently, I’ve become addicted to the television show Lost. It doesn’t take much to get me addicted to a television show (just give me a mystery with the slightest bit of juice and I’m hooked for at least two seasons) but Lost is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and presented in the form of one of those Buddhist koans (what is the sound of one hand clapping?). It’s maddening. And also beautiful and deeply philosophical. And, hopefully, fairly revelatory. And while I still don’t know why Hurly was on Korean television, I have faith that if I keep watching, I’ll find out.
  3. Wes E. Spears. Heh. WES. I always get a kick out of that. Anyway, it is the sole responsibility of #3 for getting me addicted to Lost. And he Skypes a lot. Which I encourage. I suppose that makes me an enabler. Anyway, the main reason Wes keeps me from blogging is that we have this weird Vulcan mind meld thing going on. (Anyone who knows us personally already knew that). Anyway, it seems like whenever I think of a good idea for a post, Wes posts it before I even had a chance to write it. Theophilusian Fragments is full of the blog posts I was going to write, but didn’t because Wes got there first.

But I’ve decided I don’t care anymore. #1 won’t last forever. At some point I will run out of things to organize and/or sell.  #2 will cease to be an option the moment I leave the country. And number #3? Well, we make such a good team that it’s hard to resist building off what he’s said (both in blog form and on Skype and such). Therefore, if Wes said it first, I’m still going to say it my way (which might still end up sounding incredibly similar to Wes’). Think of like a double-barreled shotgun of awesomeness (and theology). It’s like Batman and Robin. Pow. Biff. Whammo. That’s the Dynamic Duo of the theological blogosphere. Be warned. We’ll be climbing past your window soon (celebrity cameos welcome).

Which is why I am also going to spend my next few posts talking about organized religion, the institutional church, and other such relevant topics (especially if you’re one of those emergent-type folks). So, these next few posts will be like that. Yeah.

But still don’t expect regularity.

  1. Aaron, you make me laugh out loud! 🙂

    • Wes Spears
    • May 23rd, 2010

    I was reading this on my phone, and as I was scrolling down, I was hoping to be reason #3. I dint think you much need to worry about posting about something I posted about, ’cause someday I think you, Austin Davis, and Brian Coates may be the only ones who read my stuff anyway. 😉

    • Haha Wes… If you just write in some frivolous drama and time it right, people read by the flocks!

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